01 September 2011

Unexpected Surgery

A few days after returning from Tahoe, I had an unfortunate surprise waiting for me.

I was at work Tuesday evening when I began to feel nauseated. By the end of the night it had progressed to vomiting, to the point where two of my sweet friends at work had to drive me home. Matt did the best he could to comfort me all night, but at 6am Wednesday morning he was off to Chicago for his internship conference until Friday night.

Luckily Wednesday was my day off, so all I did all day was rest. On Thursday the abdominal pain had subsided enough that I went to work. However, I only lasted a few hours before I drove myself home. The pain worsened that evening and by 11pm or so, after talking on the phone to Mom, Dad, Kim and Matt, it was determined that I should go to the ER.

I knew several of my friends were at the midnight showing of Harry Potter, and I didn't want to interrupt, so I couldn't think of who to call! Matt got in touch with our friend Roger who picked me up, then we went to pick up Grandpa Clyde, after which they gave me a blessing. At that point I was actually beginning to feel better and feared the trip to the ER would be a total waste (of money, that is). Everyone insisted that I still go, as it's better to be safe than sorry.

At midnight I was checking in to the ER. By 1am I was receiving a CAT scan, and by 2am they had determined that I would need an appendectomy. Naturally, I cried for a moment at the news. However, I think the blessing I had received helped me to feel peace and comfort. Considering Matt wasn't there with me, I could've felt much worse than I did. I was taken in for surgery at 6am. The appendix had not ruptured, but it was gangrenous (meaning the tissues surrounding the appendix were deteriorating) and some fluid was beginning to leak. When I woke up, sweet Grandpa Clyde was there to make sure I didn't wake up in the hospital alone. GraNola came to relieve him around noon. Matt was able to catch an earlier flight from Chicago and finally around 5pm he had arrived to take care of me.

I stayed in the hospital until Sunday so that they could keep me on antibiotics to prevent any infections. I got two and a half weeks of paid leave from work so that I could fully recover. Matt and I have determined that if he ever has to leave on a business trip again, I will go with him. ;) We feel very grateful for the love and support we received and I am now fully recovered.

This was when I was promoted from the Clear Liquids Menu to the Full Liquids Menu. Boy, was that creamy potato soup tasty!

I felt so loved to have so many lovely, fragrant flowers sent to me. I had my own garden in the room! It definitely lifted my spirits. It didn't hurt that I finally had my sweet husband to take care of me.

27 July 2011

Lake Tahoe

In early July, Matt and I took a little trip to Lake Tahoe with his family. We stayed in a house on Donner Lake, just outside Lake Tahoe. It was beautiful, the ideal weekend getaway.

Craig, Kim, Matt and I rented bikes and rode 22 miles (11 down, 11 back) along the southwestern edge of Lake Tahoe. Here we are admiring the incredible view at the southern end after a delightful picnic of peanut butter & banana sandwiches.

Enjoying Mexican food at Martha's Kitchen. I LOVE Mexican food.

Kat, Nate, Craig and Kim doing the Insanity workout! The 22-mile bike ride earlier in the day was enough for M&M.

Matt jumped from the highest cliff at Angora Lake! (See orange circle.) The water was FREEZING. Notice the packs of snow still present on the mountains...

Pouring over the incredible menu at Wolfdale's in Tahoe City. One of the best meals we've ever had! We called the chef out to compliment him and he brought us a special dessert. :)

Family picture at Wolfdale's. (Unfortunately you can't really see Lake Tahoe behind us.)

Rowing on Donner Lake...where the infamous and unfortunate Donner Party once stayed.

Lots of bocce ball.

01 July 2011


Matt and I had been anxiously counting down the days until mid-June, when our cute nephews were coming to Utah! Julian Hadley (15, almost 16, from Ohio) and Dalan Cragun (from California) arrived on June 19th, Dalan's 14th birthday! We took them to Chipotle, a favorite of M&M and the Craguns, in Dalan's honor.

The next morning we took them to Kneaders for the famous chunky cinnamon French toast. Yum!

Then we took them to BYU to get registered and settled in for their week at EFY! (Definitely made me miss my days as an EFY counselor a few summers ago.)

The following weekend, we picked Dalan and Julian up from EFY and took them to Texas Roadhouse. They loved the delicious sweet rolls and honey butter. By the time the meal came, they were already stuffed.

The next day we picked up Dalan's brother Ryan (11) at the airport.

The following week, all three of them got to participate in BYU Basketball Camp. We didn't get any pictures of them at camp, but here are some pictures of Dalan, Ryan and Matt shooting around at BYU in the Richards Building.

I love this picture of Ryan. He looks pretty awesome.

I caught an even better picture of Dalan! ;)

After taking the boys to see Transformers 3, we had lunch at Chipotle...again. It's their favorite!

As if Chipotle wasn't enough, we took them to Hire's Big H in SLC for root beer freezes. (The boys were tired from all the fun they were having with us!)

Taking the sweet boys to the airport. Sad to say goodbye!

20 May 2011

Anniversary 2

Matt and I had always wanted to stay at The Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City. For our 2nd anniversary, we decided to splurge and do it! It was lovely.

Matching slippers.

They surprised us with a special anniversary cake!

And they left yummy chocolates on our bed each night.

I loved the fresh flowers in the entryway.

One of the highlights was the delectable Sunday brunch, featuring music from a live jazz band.

Taking in the ornate hallways.

The courtyard from our balcony.

Two years on May 8, 2011.